Project Bloom



Student-Informed Approach:项目绽放通过与由工程组织领导和协调的学生心理健康联盟的合作开始普渡大学工程Student Council(PESC). In February 2020, the College of Engineering co-sponsored the inaugural student-organized Mental Health Awareness Week, which left a visible reminder of the importance of mental health - green bandanas that can still be spotted around campus.

Wellness Education and Mental Health Awareness:工程students are introduced to the science of well-being with a 360-degree view not limited to academic and vocational success and encompassing physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual dimensions. Through a collaboration with Professor Louis Tay of the College of Health and Human Sciences and跳跃的步骤,对学生提供了幸福科学的科学的模块,为学生提供了增长思维。工程学生可以在EPIC和VIP课程中完成专业开发信贷的幸福模块。公布的国家实验科学in 2019 provides evidence that growth mindset curriculum improves academic achievement. Since Fall 2020, the College of Engineering has been working with the Purdue Horticulture Plant Growth Facility to give out indoor green plants at campus events as a symbol of growth mindset and a reminder of the importance of self-care. Studies show that taking care of plants reduces anxiety and improves attention and focus.

Mentoring and social support:The工程导师队伍is a new initiative launched in Fall 2020 intended to help new students successfully transition to college. Peer mentors are juniors and seniors who help introduce new students to campus resources that have been proven helpful to them. Peer mentors receive training by Mental Health America – Wabash Valley Region (MHA-WVR) and are invited to professional development events featuring alumni and industry partners. Through a collaborative effort with MHA-WVR, student awareness of mental health resources available in the Greater Lafayette area is growing. The goal of this partnership is to create access to more personalized well-being and mental health resources that better fit student needs.